Entry-Level Spur Kit (Size: Extra Large)


  • ''' Buckingham Split Suspension Wide Back Arborist Saddle (Extra-Large)#||# Shin Cup Spur Pads, Upper Universal Straps, Spur Gaff Guards#||# 5/8 Climb Right High Visibility Steel-Core Flipline (12')#||# 1/2” - 5/8” US Standard Flipline Adjuster and Rock Exotica Pirate Auto-Lock Carabiner#||# Tree Climbers Companion Book, Large Canvas Black Gear Bag, and Samurai 13 Heavy-Duty Hand Saw'''
  • Brand: Buckingham, Samurai, Rock Exotica

Product Description

The best starting spur kit on the market! This kit is full of rugged, dependable climbing gear that gets the job done without extra bells and whistles. This is our recommended kit for beginning climbers and those who climb in spurs occasionally.