Forceprotector Gear LLC ThermaShield Multicam VK (Vehicle Kit)


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  • ''' Multi-Function Heat Reflective Blanket#||# TS-Multicam has an extreme weather layer with the Multi-Cam pattern for extended exposure to rain/sun#||# Made in USA'''
  • Brand: Forceprotector Gear LLC
  • Color: MultiCam

Product Description

ThermaShield Multicam is an extended climate heat reflective panel designed for Expeditionary Shelter. Our goal at FPG is to establish a lightweight, cost effective solution for individual, vehicle based, and company sized command post shelter from the elements. What makes TS-Multicam different from the standard TS-GP is the water resistant outer layer of the Patent Pending three layered FPG ThermaSheld, that is colored with the MultiCam pattern. The inner layer is the FPG ReflecTec aluminum layer and the FPG DesertCloth is the inner layer of the complete system. EXCELLENT ALL WEATHER / EXTENDED CLIMATE SOLUTION the TS-Multicam is designed for use in virtually any environment on the planet. The outer Multicam layer is micro perforated to breath in the heat, has a better UV exposure lifetime, sheds water in the rain, and keep the cold/snow out with dimensions: 6'Wx 10'L.