Groundhog GHMAXNOKIT ATV Disc Plow


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  • Groundhog GHMAXNOKIT ATV Disc Plow
  • Brand: The GroundHog MAX

Product Description

Bad Boy Groundhog MAX ATV / UTV Disc Plow. Makes quick work of tough jobs with \Plug and Plow\" capabilities! Designed to fit any power source that has an existing strong 2\" receiver... turning your ATV into a hard-driving plow! You can order a strong forward-bolted aftermarket 2\" receiver by year / make / model from other manufactures... and this Plow will plug right into it. The GroundHog MAX goes anywhere your ATV can go and is ideal for game food plots, gardening, landscaping... even small farm chores. Also great for weed control and fire defense, especially in remote areas. Let's plow through it: Weighs 46 lbs with a cutting width of 21\"... half as wide as a pull behind but twice as fast. No need to add extra weight; ATV and rider's weight force disc into the ground with up to 800+ lb. of plowing down force. More down-force, less steel equals an aggressive cut; Use in 2-wheel or 4-wheel drive... use 4-wheel drive for more aggressive cuts; Use with independent rear suspension or straight axle setups; Graduated notched discs plow faster and penetrates deeper; Fully assembled plow with easy to replace bearings; Adjustable height control, 1\" increments; Trailer not required... transport with no hassle; Plow in looping circles and figure eights for best results; Allows the use of reverse with plow engaged (on most units) for small, tight places. Get the power to do more! Order yours today! Bad Boy Groundhog MAX ATV / UTV Disc Plow"