Prism Fitness Smart Mini Flat Bands


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Vendor: Prism Fitness
  • Each band features extensibility for moderate load standing movement drills
  • 2-In wide, 11-in long
  • Sold in sets of 10
  • Brand: Prism Fitness
  • Color: Blue

Product Description

The Prism Fitness Mini Flat Bands are a dynamic training tool for performing
lower-body, floor-based conditioning exercises. They also feature enough
extensibility for moderate load standing movement drills and activities. These
exercise bands are perfect for medium-resistance workouts like Pilates, for
stretching, physical therapy, toning, strength training, and more! Measuring
2” x 11”, these medium-resistance stretch bands are flat and looped to provide
extra comfort during your workout.

These mini resistance bands are lightweight and easily portable. Simply fold
the band and carry it in your bag so that you can work out anywhere you go. To
use, step into the loop and place the band around your calves, ankles, or
other parts of your lower body. Then, stretch the band outward with your body
to create tension and resistance.

The Prism Fitness Mini Flat Bands are sold as a pack of 10 bands so that you
can keep an exercise band in your home, office, car, gym bag, or wherever else
you go on a regular basis! It’s also a great purchase for gyms, trainers or
workout studios.

At Prism Fitness Group, we believe that a better understanding of the human
body starts with the power of movement. Whatever your end goal, Prism’s
simple-yet-innovative training equipment can be used to achieve transformative
results in the safest, most effective ways.