Robart Pinchless Correctional Shank Bit


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Vendor: Robart
  • Brand: Robart

Product Description

Robart Pinchless Bits by Coronet 3 Way Correctional Cavalry Shank Bit A 3-piece Pinchless correctional snaffle. Designed for young horses who require more than a snaffle but less than a correctional bit. Helps a rider get more shoulder and hip control out of the horse. A great transitional bit. Robart Pinchless Bits by Coronet are designed for functionality and style. In this collection we think you will find just the bit you are looking for. The cheeks are 7 1/2 long, the mouthpiece is 5 inch wide and uses an Robart Pinchless system that attaches to the shank that gives the bit freedom of movement without causing the horse discomfort. The rein and headstall rings are 1 inch circles to allow the headstall and reins to fit and function properly. Each shank is brown iron trimmed with silver dots for an elegant look. For the horse that needs more than a snaffle and does not like a lot of tongue pressure. This bit give some tongue pressure and more pallet pressure, excellent for performance horses. Each bit is guaranteed for one year.