Sterling Rope 7/16" SuperStatic2 Climbing Rope, Black, 46m


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Vendor: Sterling Rope
  • ''' Uniform sheath coverage for durability and gear compatibility#||# Ideal for heavy duty alpine, big wall, and expedition fixing and haul lines.'''
  • Brand: Sterling Rope
  • Color: Black

Product Description

Finally a sequel that improves the original. That's the case with our SuperStatic2 Series. Easy to deploy, these low stretch ropes are well suited to taglines, anchors, top ropes and rappel lines. Our high denier, durable sheath results in rounder ropes that work well through gear. The 11mm SuperStatic2 rope is durable but supple. Easy to knot and easy to handle, our 11mm low stretch rope is ideal for use as a heavy-duty alpine, big-wall static line or for fixing haul lines.