Stretch-Eze Dye-namic Movement Products Resistance Band, Medium


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Vendor: Stretch-Eze
  • ''' 80%nylon 20%lycra/spandex#||# Made in US#||# Wonderful resource for children with sensory integration dysfunction#||# Perfect for increasing awareness of form to dancers and athletes#||# Allows for dynamic, three-dimensional movement#||# Great addition to any therapy program, community gym or physical education course'''
  • Brand: Stretch-Eze

Product Description

Stretch-eze Medium Resistance Band is designed for users 5 feet 2 inches to 5 feet 7 inches tall. It is a perfect tool for individuals with low tone, motor planning challenges or sensory integration dysfunction. The band offers full body pressure during movement and exercise, enhanced motor control, coordination by activating body center awareness, and strengthening of core musculature. The bands bring a sensorimotor challenge to resistance and provide an overall calming effect. Utilize in pairs for innovative movement. Use with adult supervision. Colors may vary; sorry no choice.