Vitalsox Italy Recovery, "On Your Feet All Day" TRUE Graduated Compression Socks, Silver Drystat - RVS08910 One Pair (Black, Medium) - RVS08910


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Vendor: Vitalsox
  • SILVER DRYSTAT infused with Silver, Polypropylene (naturally bacteria resistant, 100% recyclable) Odor happens when bacteria contacts sweat, by stopping bacteria from growing and wicking moisture the socks will remain odor free, your feet may still smell.
  • COMPARE COMPRESSION SOCKS- Simple we use the IDEAL compression range for the highest circulation tested at our factory using machines designed to make the best compression socks, Performance matters, FEEL the flat toe seam, FDA Registered (#3011496736)
  • 4 WAY STRETCH- Most socks are 2 Way Stretch. our socks stretch both directions for consistent compression throughout the entire sock. EACH PAIR is WASHED in a \chemical free\" fabric softener fresh scent making our socks \"Ready to Wear\" right now.
  • Brand: Vitalsox

Product Description

Suitable for athletic activities both during the race and afterwards for recovery. An ideal sock for all general sports as well as travel, work and every day use.