Yakima 78-Inch Rack and Roll Trailer


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Vendor: Yakima
  • ''' 78-Inch crossbars compatible with all Yakima accessories#||# Locking levers with keys prevent theft of wheels and tongue#||# Adjustable, Dual Spring progressive rate, motorcycle-style shock absorbers provide four inches of wheel travel. Independent suspension.#||# Includes a carrying handle that will turn your trailer into a hand cart.#||# Can carry up to 300lbs with the Heavy Duty Springs and the independent suspension'''
  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: Yakima

Product Description

Yakima's Rack and Roll 66 trailer is the perfect marriage of form and function. The Rack and Roll trailer is stylish, yet built to the highest standards of performance. The Rack and Roll goes from your car to stored on the wall in just 60 seconds, and is compatible with popular roof rack products from leading manufacturers. Best of all, you’ll never lift heavy objects above your car or SUV again.